The Carob tree: A tasty guide

The name Los Algarrobales was not born from a mere coincidence, it stems directly from the tasty trees that grow in our own backyard. The carob or “carob tree” is a flowering evergreen tree, native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is impressive as a landscape or garden feature but also incredibly useful due to the edible pods it grows to disperse seeds. The pods, which resemble a dark brown pea pod, have been used for thousands of years, with records dating back to Ancient Greece. In the 19th century, British chemists actually sold the pods to singers, claiming it would help to soothe and keep the vocal chords clear!

The pods are now typically used in baking due to their sweet taste and nutritional benefits. Carob can be bought in the form of powder, syrup, chips extract and pill. It is often used as a healthy chocolate replacement and sweetener for other foods and drinks. It can be added to sweet treats like brownies, milkshakes and cakes for a chocolate taste. Packed full of B vitamins, minerals and fiber but with way less sugar, carob is very handy alternative if you fancy making a healthy snack. Carob is also good for your digestion, calming the stomach and aiding the absorption of nutrients by the intestine; the list of health benefits goes on!

If you happen to pass by a carob tree and notice some fallen pods near by, don’t be afraid to pick one up to dust off and eat it fresh from the tree, avoiding the seeds!


For the bakers amongst us, here is a list of the top carob based recipes I could find for you to try out making some delicious snacks for yourself. Comment below which one you decide to make and please share your own recipes with us too.