Taking of the Villa of Zahara – Medieval Market

In our latest blog post we discussed the history of the Moors and Christians in Spain and just how influential they were on the country’s culture. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out yet, maybe give it a read for a little more info! Even better, dive straight into the history at the reenactment of the Taking of the Villa of Zahara in 1483.


From the 25th to the 27th of October the streets of Zahara de la Sierra will transform to stage a celebration of one of the most important times in the history of the town. In 1483 the soldiers of Castille, took over Zahara de la Sierra from the Nasrid troops of Moorish rule and claimed the town under the Catholic Monarchy. This was a pivotal moment in the build up to their conquest of the Kingdom of Granada and overthrowing the Moorish Kingdom completely.

The recreation will begin with a parade through the streets, so you can get into the spirit along side the rest of the town. The three days will then be filled with the theatre of the Castillian troops as they seized control of the town amongst their skirmishes with the Nasrid soldiers. The actors will ride horses through the town, just as they would have hundreds of years ago, and Christian and Nasrid dance performances will take place.


A medieval market will be a highlight of the festival that truly fills the town with the atmosphere of the past. The streets will be decorated with flags and banners and locals will be dressed up in medieval costume. The stalls of the market will be selling all kinds of goodies from traditional medieval dishes to jewelry, pottery and wooden toys. Not only can you treat yourself or someone else to a gift but you can appreciate how craftsmen and women used to trade back in time.

The festivities of the recreation allow you to get in touch with how life was in a period of time that may feel relegated to history textbooks. You will find yourself learning about the


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