Natures Magnificent Companionship

The plane landed at Malaga airport. My parents and my 2 little siblings jumped into the rental car and set course for Los Algarrobales. The landscape near Ronda was impressive, alternating mountains and hills.

Near the village El Gastor a sign diverted us towards a property by a path bordered by pines. We took a turn to the right and we entered the Valley of Dolmens. We only saw nature and more nature, near and far, so close to the civilised world.  

Suddenly El Gran Cortijo appeared with its tower, in the middle of the trees. That place had a majestic and a little mysterious air. José Antonio, the person in charge, waited for us by the door with a big smile. He explained all the details to us while my siblings were already circling around the big pool. The vacation was already begun!

During one week we experienced a sensation of absolute relaxation, 

isolated from the rest of the world, with only silence and nature as companions made us feel very close to each other. We had conversations of all kinds and our complicity was total, so much so that we left that space more united. 

During the day the swimming pool was our main distraction and we all played like children, while reading and listening to music.  We took great walks in the countryside with fantastic views which made us hungry. It was a pleasure to eat Mum and Dad’s dishes. In the evening we would watch a movie or play board games and then sit outside looking at the stars and the Milky Way in the silence of the night. My father gave us a whole lesson in astronomy. 

Some mornings we went to Ronda, a monumental city with magic and a lot of history. That’s why they call it the city of poets! We had breakfast every day with delicious churros with chocolate or café con leche, in the main street of El Gastor, full of bars and cheerful people walking around. 

After a visit to the historical centre, some typical tapas of the region and good wine (only for my parents ….) put a final point to our exit and we returned to our small paradise. The vultures and eagles flying majestically over us in silence seemed to be the guardians of our happiness.

They were vacations without parties nor nocturnal exits, but since then we thought that one day we will return to make again a “healthy therapy” familiar. In Los Algarrobales certain simple and eternal values became protagonists again and others that seemed important to us were tinted with superficiality. The family, the peace, the warmth and the affection of the shared moments, with the help of natures magnificent companionship, was a unique feeling: The magnificent mountains, the trees and the starry sky for us alone.

Today being in the house and looking out the window, I see how it rains while I drink a hot chocolate ….they appease me….churros! I’ll have to go back for them…!