As of next Wednesday, May 23, the May Fair of Ronda begins. A Fair very characteristic for its historical base and considered from the SXIX as one of the great festivities of the Sierra de Cádiz and the second oldest fair in Andalusia. This year and for the 6th consecutive year, the May Fair joins with its own Historical Recreation, giving rise to the beautiful Ronda Romantica festivity. During the 4 days of the Ronda Romantica fair, the streets of the Ciudad del Tajo are adorned with garlands, pennants and heraldic banners from the towns of the Serrania and the shop windows are decorated with a traditional touch. A trip back in time to the Ronda del S XVI. During these days activities and crafts are recreated and even the restaurants prepare their food in a traditional way in stoves or anafres. The power supply is cut off and the streets are lit with lamps, quinquues and candles. The furniture of the street is replaced by rustic tables and enea chairs. One of the elements that most attracts the attention of Ronda Romantica is the typical clothing of the time used by neighbors. Women wear cpm toe-pads in flashy colors, stockings and buckle shoes, wide-sleeved dresses bodados and with silver buttons. The men wear a peacoat jacket, wide bottom trousers, stockings, buckle shoes, sash and “pin” features. In this party the cattle and the horses play a main role, the latter traversed with their corresponding costume of the period. Ronda is full of parades, vendors and craftsmen abundant and recreate some historical re-enactments such as “The French invasion of 1810”, “Moors and Christians” or the “Ronda contribution to the Cortes of 1812”. All this to transport us to the environment and way of life of the Ronda del S XVI. An unmissable event for lovers of history, romance, traditions and traditional festivities and if you also like to breathe fresh air and rest in a quiet place away from noise and light pollution, the Los Algarrobales estate is a safe bet, just 25 km from Ronda. The 14 independent houses, its tennis court, the beautiful views of each of the terraces, the peace that is breathed, the beautiful sunsets under the mountains of the Sierra de Cádiz will make you disconnect, rest and recharge the batteries for a new day of “Romantic Round”