An Autumn Family Getaway

As the year draws to a close and the weather begins to turn colder it is a great time to inject a little bit of fun, adventure and at the end of it all, relaxation, into the mix. Los Algarrobales comes packed with plenty of activities that will keep kids and adults entertained as well as space for the grown ups to unwind. Here is a little guide to just some of the experiences you can expect for your family getaway to the mountains of Andalucia. 

  1. Explore the local nature with a family hike into the countryside. The fresh, crisp weather of the autumn/winter months here at Los Algarrobales make for a very rewarding time to hike. The view from the mountains allows you to see the array of beauty in the Grazalema natural park, over the valleys and the white villages. Camouflaged by the rocks and shrubs, Spanish Ibex grazed upon the slopes, the proud males beginning the test to see who will be the head of the herd while Griffon vultures soar overhead.The stunning scenery is completely unique to the environment, a whole new world for children and adults alike who may never have experienced anything quite like it. There are hikes of all difficulty levels here, so finding an easy one that will let the whole family adventure together is simple. 
  2. Another activity for the family to enjoy is excursions into the local white villages and even slightly further afield to Ronda. There are several highly regarded and welcoming restaurants in El Gastor, the closest white village, such as La Posada. The catering is very accommodating with something yummy for everyone. Each village, from El Gastor to the Zahara de la Sierra, has its own rich history and often holds festivals and celebrations which they encourage visitors to get involved with. It is well worth paying a visit to learn and enjoy alongside the locals.
  3. For a jam packed day of excitement, activities such as horseback riding and bicycle tours through the mountains can be arranged, with varying degrees of difficulty. Specialised mentors can accompany you through the mountains taking you along amazing routes tailored for your group’s needs. Kayaking is another popular activity, highly requested by visitors to the Sierra de Cadiz. You can enjoy the astounding landscape of the Pantano as you row and swim in it’s crystal clear waters. There are many fun and bonding activities to choose from. 

At the end of the day after all of the enjoyment you can come home to your countryside home here are Los Algarrobales, light the log burning fire, cuddle up in your rustic house and unwind together, ready for a good night’s rest in a cosy bed.