Additional Services


Pack Romantic Getaway

It is a good option if you celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary a special day for you and your couple or simply because you can give yourself a relaxing and peaceful moment.

It includes a relaxing massage of 1 hour. Our profesional masseur will arrive at you house with a massage table, body oils and body milks and you will get your massage.

The cost of this is of 20€ per person

You can request it when you confirm your Booking.

Pack Firewood

All our rural houses are equipped with fireplace. You can enjoy of the peace and relax next to your fireplace while read a book or drink a glass of your favorite wine.

We offer a “Basket of Wood”, who includes 30Kg of wood and pads to light the fire.

The cost of this is of 10€

You can request it when you confirm your Booking or at your arrival at “Los Algarrobales”.

Pack Romantic Getaway

It is the ideal gift for a wedding anniversary, birthday, a special date or simply for those couples who wish to pamper themselves and enjoy a romantic and relaxing experience.

The Pack includes a relaxing massage of 1 hour (30 minutes per person). A professional masseuse will travel to your rural house with a stretcher and the necessary material to give you your massage.

The price of the Romantic Getaway Pack is 20€

You can request it in the “observations” section when making your reservation while waiting for the confirmation of the appointment with our masseuse.

Breakfast Delivery

We offer you our “Spanish Breakfast”. You can get your breakfast every moorning just in the door of your house. It includes:

  • Coffee, chocolate – milk or tea
  • Fruite juice
  • Baked bread with butter & jam, olive oil & tomato, red butter or lard.
  • One piece of fruit.

The cost of the “Typical Breakfast” is of 4.95€ per person/per day.

You can request it when you confirm your Booking or at your arrival at “Los Algarrobales”.

Kayak In Pantano Zahara El Gastor

The Kayak is one of the most attractive activities and requested by visitors to the Sierra de Cádiz, as it is an activity adapted to all ages and is an ideal option to perform as a couple, friends or family.

The Nautical Center El Mogote, provides all the necessary safety material for the practice of this activity.

Rowing, enjoying the beautiful landscape that surrounds the Swamp or swim in its turquoise and crystal clear waters, is a unique experience and we are sure you will enjoy it to the fullest.

For any information, request it when making the Reservation or contact the Finca with José Antonio at 653 11 50 51.